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If one’s good, then two’s better!

Build your ideal rack-mounted solution with our new rack mount server

Take your pick of boards and options to create the perfect rack-mounted system.

Here’s what great about our rack mount server:
it’s designed to fit two boards in one 19″ 1RU rack mount case, making it ideal for redundant systems
the boards slot into slide rails for easy access to the board and Compact Flash card
you can choose slide rails and cover plates to suit single or dual WRAP 1-1, WRAP 1-2 or net4801 boards, and mix and match boards
it comes with a stylish black anodised face, with matching punched cover plates, hex screws and thumb screws, and a clear anodised body, so it’s easy to use and it looks great
it’s made from aluminium so it’s light yet durable
and it’s manufactured right here in Australia

So take a look. We think you’ll be impressed.

There’s also some great photos of it in action on our case info page.

In other news…

New products

To complement our new WRAP 1-1, WRAP 1-2 and net4801 rack mount servers, we’ve added a slide rail kit to our range.

So if you buy a rack mount server (or case) now with just one board, you can come back at any time and get everything you need to quickly and easily add a second board.

Price changes

Our 512MB and 1GB SanDisk CF cards have come down in price, again. It’s just one of those inevitabilities. What was once big is now small, and what was once expensive is now, well, less expensive.

Save $5 and $10 respectively when you pick up one of these fabulous flash cards.

Product changes

We’ve improved our rack mount server case even further, adding support for the net4801 board – literally! Along with the slide rails and cover plates, the net4801 option includes a custom-designed mounting plate for the board.

So now you can mix and match board slots to suit the WRAP 1-1, WRAP 1-2 and net4801 boards. Go crazy!

We’ve also “tweaked” the pricing on our rack mount server case to better reflect our new and improved design.

Extra bits

New Voyage Linux images for the Biwin CF cards

We’ve added two new Voyage Linux images, designed specially for the 256MB Biwin CF card, and addressing the propensity of certain hardware to report the CF card as /dev/hdb instead of /dev/hda.

Well, whether your hardware reports your Biwin CF card as /dev/hda or /dev/hdb, we now have an image to suit.

Visit our OS images page for more information.

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Empty cart bug fixed

A small number of our customers have reported that their shopping carts were being unexpectedly emptied while browsing our website. We think we’ve fixed the bug, so if you’ve experienced this problem, please try clearing your browser cache, and you shouldn’t have any trouble in future. Our apologies for any frustration this caused.

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