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Supersize me ALIX!

Check out our new ‘double height’ ALIX 1

Twice as tall as our previous ALIX 1 case, the new ALIX “XL” has room for a full-height PCI card, mounted above the board. In the photos, you can see it with a LAN1641 4-port ethernet card installed.

It also can accommodate a 20 x 2 LCD panel, so you can display impertinent messages to your users like “Don’t touch that!” or “Error! Error! Deleting all files!”

Combine this with the already impressive features of the ALIX 1 – 500MHz processor, 256MB RAM, network port, USB and serial ports, miniPCI and PCI slots, plus VGA, sound, and PS/2 ports – and you get one impressive machine.

Watch out next month for our cool and groovy case study using this new beast.

And you can get up close and personal with the ALIX 1 “XL” on our ALIX cases page.

In other news…

New products

Also new in ALIX land this month is the ALIX 3 with VGA. Available as a board only or as an option on our ALIX 3, this baby is the ultimate in tiny shiny thin clients.

Hot on the tail of our disappearing 1GB Ultra II CF card, arrives the 8GB Ultra II CF card from SanDisk, plus a 512MB CF card from Transcend. Now you have even more choice! (Is that a good thing?)

Price changes

Shocking news this month – our 2GB Ultra II CF cards and 4GB Ultra II CF cards have come down in price, again. [Cue atonal voice] Will this madness never end?

Product changes

We’re still having trouble getting stock of our 400mW Senao miniPCI wireless cards.

At this stage it looks like we’re either going to have to discontinue it, or replace it with something similar, but we’re currently pretending everything’s fine. We’ll let you know when we pull our heads out of the sand.

We also have lots of our old style “Classic” cases that suit the ALIX 2-3 with 433MHz. So if you like surprises and want to save a few dollars, try choosing ‘any colour “Classic” [no USB]’ with your next ALIX 2-3 433MHz. And no, despite our best efforts, we still don’t have pink.

You now also have a choice of plug sizes when you buy a 12V 1.5A regulated power supply. Yes, more choices I’m afraid. If in doubt, buy one of each. Or ask us. There is always that option, I suppose.

Extra bits

m0n0wall 1.3b14

monowall have clambered one step closer to a release version with their next beta. This one’s available on the ALIX 2 or ALIX 3, and hopefully v1.3 will come out of beta very, very soon.

Better shipping calculation

We’ve made our shipping calculation better and fairer, to accommodate those in-between sized orders.

Read a bit more about it on our scintillating shipping info page if you dare!