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Creating a music-on-hold appliance

The company that Shane works for was using an old CD changer for their Music-on-Hold system, but it became unreliable and had lots of issues.

The Windows XP desktop they tried was power-hungry and required regular reboots, while commercial music-on-hold systems were quite expensive.

Instead, Shane had fun setting up an ALIX 3 to do the job, and it’s now been running faithfully for years.


Backing up workstations quickly and easily

Here at Yawarra, we have a pretty normal set up – workstations on each person’s desk and file servers with our important business data.

But a workstation still requires many hours and resources to build, and each workstation quickly morphs into a unique set of programs, configurations and preferences.

So we devised a quick and easy to way to backup each workstation using only a USB thumb drive and some creative partitioning.


Streamlining a home office network

Working for a large multi-national IT company, James George found that his home network requirements went beyond the average garden-variety Wi-Fi ADSL modem/router/internet-in-a-box home networking solution.

After a friend recommended the pfSense® software, James sprang for a neat little ALIX 2-3 with a 2GB CF card in a tasteful orange box.

Within no time his orange box had taken over many roles, while reducing heat, electricity and noise, and saving space.

And it earned him a hug from his wife.


Capturing production line data and displaying daily targets

Steel-Line needed to capture the serial number, completion date and time, and production line number for each roller door they manufactured. They also wanted to display daily production targets.

By using fit-PC2s, they achieved all of their project goals in a more flexible way and at a more reasonable cost than other solutions.


Consolidating four network devices into a 1RU case

Craig Tosi was irritated by the haphazard stack of boxes and associated cable spaghetti of his untidy stack of network appliances.

So he crammed them all into a 1RU rackmount case, including an ALIX 3 board, a Senao wireless with pigtail and antenna and an internal PSU.


Connecting a Mazda RX-8 to the internet

Jon Oxer from Geek My Ride connected his Mazda RX8 to the internet using an ALIX 1, extending the electronics in his car beyond that intended by the manufacturer.

He mounted an ALIX 1 in the boot and connected it to multiple systems, including the on-board diagnostics, ignition, audio and RFID locking, and added mobile broadband, wireless and GPS.


Building a Compact Flash card duplicator

A customer once asked us to supply 750 Compact Flash cards with operating systems pre-installed. The image was 512MB, and took 5 minutes to burn. That’s 2 weeks work, just to burn the cards!

So I used an ALIX 1 “XL”, with an external USB CF reader, and the picoLCD from iTuner. I designed an enclosure, installed Voyage Linux and the LCD drivers, and wrote a script or two.


Creating a Linux-based internet workstation

Once upon a time when my little boy was only 2 years old, I noticed he liked to imitate what I was doing on my computer. So I gave him one.

I chose the ALIX 1 because it uses very little power, can run from a CF card and has a ready-made desktop environment available in iMedia Linux.

With very little effort, I built a fully-featured internet-capable box that was much less likely to get him into trouble online than one with Windows.


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