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Warranty and returns

Problems with your order?

Please check your delivery as soon as it arrives and let us know as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours) if there is a problem with your order.

If items are missing from your order, we will dispatch them immediately, at no extra cost to you.

If your goods are faulty or incorrect when delivered, we will do one of the following, at our discretion:

  • replace the faulty or incorrect item(s) with the same or equivalent item(s)
  • repair the faulty item(s) at no cost to you
  • refund your money

We don’t offer refunds or returns if you change your mind about your order once it has been dispatched.

If you make a mistake when ordering, and want to return your items, there is a restocking fee of 10% of the value of the goods to cover administrative costs.

So please choose your goods carefully and feel free to contact us before ordering if you have any queries whatsoever.

What your warranty covers

Everything that you buy from us is covered by a minimum 12-month back-to-base warranty.

Some of our products include a two-year or even three-year warranty as standard, which you can see by the “Warranty” option on the product page, which will also be noted on your invoice.

You can also purchase optional extended warranties on selected products.

Your warranty period starts from the date of your invoice and covers hardware failure, and includes the cost of parts and labour.

It doesn’t cover damage or fault due to accident, abuse, incorrect use, unauthorised repairs, or use with non-standard components.

A “back-to-base” warranty means that you will need to cover the cost of returning the goods to us for any reason.

Returning goods

You’ll need to return any faulty or incorrect items to us before we can issue you with a refund or a replacement.

But please don’t return any goods without contacting us first to discuss the problem and to obtain a return authorisation (RA) number.

We often find that we can resolve problems remotely, saving you the time and cost of returning goods unnecessarily.

Once we’ve issued you with a return authorisation number, please print, complete and sign our ‘Return of Goods’ form and include it with your items.

We’ll need you to provide us with enough information for us to consistently reproduce the error that you are experiencing, otherwise we won’t be able to confirm that the problem lies with our hardware, and we’ll just have to send it back it to you.

Please backup any data before you return your goods to us.

When you return goods to us, please take care to package them thoroughly and carefully to minimise the risk that they’re damaged in transit.

If your items arrive damaged, we won’t be able to refund you or replace or repair your items, so please take the time to package them well.

What we’ll do

We’ll do our best to resolve your issue quickly, but please allow us time to reproduce any faults, and identify the best solution.

Please allow a minimum of one week for warranty service. We don’t provide replacement goods while your good are being serviced.

We’ll replace or repair your faulty goods, at our discretion.

We may also decide to refund you, if we think that’s the simplest solution, but we can’t make any promises. It’s a case-by-case thing.

As soon as your goods have been serviced under warranty, we’ll return them to you at no additional cost.

What next?

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For full details of our shopping policies, please see our Terms & Conditions.