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Standard warranty doubled on ALIX and net5501

Quality products that are guaranteed to last!

Well, it’s been a good three years since the LX800-based computers (the ALIX and net5501) hit the market.

In that time, we’ve found them to be so reliable, that we’ve decided to double our standard warranty offering.

So from now on, you get two years warranty as standard on all of our ALIX and net5501 products.

How’s that for peace of mind?

These truly are high-quality products that are built to last.

And we’re proud to stand behind them.

Extended warranties now available

Move forward with confidence

And if you need more certainty than a two year warranty, how about an extended one?

You can now choose to extend your warranty up to five years, on any ALIX, net5501 or fit-PC2 product, and up to three years on a Geos.

Just select the period you want from the product options, and you’re covered.

Now you can move forward in your project with confidence, knowing that we stand behind our products.

The LAN1741 is here!

New auto-sensing 4-port ethernet PCI card

We now have stock of the new LAN1741.

This is a new PCI card from Soekris Engineering, that builds on the features of the LAN1641.

Along with four 10/100 ethernet ports, the LAN1741 includes auto-sensing (MDI/X) ethernet controllers.

This means no more stuffing around with the wrong cables.

No matter what you plug the LAN1741 into, it will work, because it can figure out for you whether you’re using a straight or crossover cable.