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fit-PC2: It IS easy being green

If our website looks a bit different, it’s because we’ve gone “green” to celebrate the arrival of the energy-efficient fit-PC2 desktop computers.

These new, ultra small, ultra lower power fit-PC2’s are now in stock, so you can order one now.

We’ve also added the fit-PC2, network (diskless) to our range. This one doesn’t include a hard drive, leaving you free to boot it over the network and operate it as a thin client, or add your own 2.5″ SATA hard drive and your operating system of choice.

Ideal for office desktops, point-of-sale (POS) systems, information kiosks, internet cafes, classroom computers and home entertainment, the fit-PC2 has full high definition (HD) capabilities and can run Windows and Linux.

And if your organisation is looking into “Green ICT”, the fit-PC2 is an easy and effective solution for reducing your computing energy requirements, without sacrificing performance or functionality. Replace your old energy-hungry boxes with these mini PCs in every classroom, office and shop, and watch your electricity usage plummet.

Check out our size comparison photo to see just how small the fit-PC2 really is. And if you’re in Melbourne, give us a call to arrange a time to see one of these tiny computers in person.

Visit our fit-PC2 information page for more details on these ultra tiny, very shiny, super cool PCs.

Exclusive: fit-PC2 security enclosure

We’ve added a whole pile of accessories to make your new fit-PC2 even easier to set up and use.

Firstly, we have designed and manufactured an innovative, extremely useful security enclosure for the fit-PC2.

This is a simple, easy to use, enclosure for the fit-PC2, made from steel for strength and durability, designed to reduce theft of these impressively small computers.

The enclosure comes in two parts, and is fast and easy to assemble and install.

The enclosure uses the standard fit-PC2 VESA bracket to attach the fit-PC2, but then completely covers the whole computer for security, and its connections if required.

It can attach to the back of a VESA monitor, or if you prefer, it can be screwed to a bench, wall or something else equally solid.

It has capacity for a Kensington style locking cable, as well as a hole for a standard padlock.

Heaps of fit-PC2 accessories

Also available is a VESA compliant bracket for mounting a fit-PC2 onto the back of a monitor.

We’ve managed to source a very handy miniSD to microSD adapter pack, which also includes a microSD to SD adapter, perfect for use with the fit-PC2.

There’s also a miniUSB to USB A adapter, which you can use to convert a miniUSB port to a standard USB A port. This is very handy for plugging in standard USB devices to the front ports of the fit-PC2.

And finally we have some HDMI cables, so you can connect your fit-PC2 to the HDMI input on your screen.

A veritable cornucopia of fit-PC2 accessories!

Mikrotik E44 discontinued!

In breaking news, we’ve just heard that Mikrotik have discontinued their IN/E44 4-port ethernet card.


We’re pretty much out of stock ourselves, but we will try and get hold of any leftovers if we can.

If it suits your particular application, we do still have plenty of LAN1641 4-port ethernet cards.

net4801’s on sale – 30% off!

We’ve decided to clear our range of net4801’s, so everything is now 30% off!

Jump in now and grab yourself a bargain, because these prices will only be available while our stocks last.

Once we’re sold out of net4801 products, we won’t be getting any more, because the net4801 is end-of-life.

Check out these super bargains in the online shop.

Please note that no further discounts apply on these items.

FAQ: What is C-Tick compliance?

Anyone who imports equipment into Australia is considered to be the manufacturer by the ACMA and is therefore responsible for ensuring that the equipment complies with the relevant Australian standards for electromagnetic interference (EMI).

We are registered with the ACMA as an importer/manufacturer of equipment and all our ALIX, net, fit-PC2 and miniPCI products come with the required C-Tick labelling to indicate compliance with Australian regulations. Our ACMA supplier code, as listed beside the C-Tick logo on our products, is N14401.

It is illegal for us to sell equipment that does not bear a C-Tick label, and it is also illegal for us to C-Tick label equipment that has not been tested against the applicable standards.

For useful answers to other questions you might have, please visit our FAQs page.

Tips & tricks: Changing the root password on the Linux fit-PC2

In order to add extensions or plugins to the default browser (Firefox), or install any other software on the fit-PC2 with Linux, you’ll need to reset the root password.

This is generally a good idea anyway for security purposes. You may also want to change the password for the ‘fit’ user for the same reasons.

To change the root password on the Linux fit-PC2, open up a terminal window as the ‘fit’ user and type:

sudo passwd root

and you’ll be prompted to enter a new password.

To test that you have the password right, type:

su root

and enter your newly created password.

If you can su, then the password has been successfully changed.

Need we remind you not to choose an easily guessed password? No? Excellent!

Fantastic feedback: Apparently, we rock!

We’d like to share with you some of the fantastic feedback we’ve received from our customers:

“You sell products that rock, your communication rocks, you guys rock. Thanks!”

It’s great to hear we’re doing things right. To read more fantastic feedback, visit our customer comments page.

Christmas & New Years hours

To help you plan ahead, here are the important dates for our end-of-year period again:

Tuesday, 22 Dec, 1:00PM – The absolute latest you’ll need to place (and pay for) your order by, if you want it to arrive before Christmas.

You’ll need to order even earlier if you’re outside of the Express Post area (ask us if you’re not sure), or if it’s a large order. Of course we’ll happily process your last minute order, but we just can’t guarantee it’ll arrive in time. So get in early, OK?

Wednesday, 23 Dec, 1:00PM – When we close for our Christmas break.

Wednesday, 13 Jan, 9:00AM – When we reopen after our Christmas break.

You’re more than welcome to place orders via the website during this period, but we won’t be answering the phones, shipping orders, or responding to emails until we reopen.

We won’t be sending another newsletter until January, so have a great holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2010.

Happy Holiday Season!