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  • fit-PC2 security enclosure stainless steelSave

    fit-PC2 security enclosure – ON SALE!

    $20 - $45

    This is a simple, easy to use, security enclosure for the fit-PC2, made from steel for strength and durability, designed to reduce theft of these tiny PCs. It has capacity for either a Kensington style locking cable or a standard padlock, and uses the standard fit-PC2 VESA bracket. It completely covers the whole computer and its connections.

  • DVI to VGA adapter

    DVI to VGA adapter (HDMI connector)


    Don’t want to upgrade your old monitor yet? Only have VGA connections, but want to plug it into a fit-PC2? Then you’ll need this DVI to VGA adapter.

  • DisplayPort to DVI adapter

    DisplayPort to DVI adapter


    Want to run two screens on your shiny new fit-PC3 or Intense PC? Or maybe you want to duplicate your screen so you can show everyone else what you’re doing. Then you’ll need this DisplayPort to DVI adapter.

  • HDMI cable 2m

    HDMI cable, 2m


    Use this to connect your fit-PC2 to the HDMI input on your screen.

  • fit-PC2 heatsink

    fit-PC2 heatsink


    Use this heatsink with your fit-PC2 or fit-PC2i in extreme conditions. It snaps on easily to the fit-PC2 case and is made of anodised aluminium.

  • fit-PC2 VESA mounting bracket

    fit-PC2 VESA mounting bracket


    Use this VESA compliant bracket to attach the fit-PC2 to the rear of a monitor. Fast and easy to use, it’s a simple matter of screwing the bracket to the back of the monitor and clicking the fit-PC2 into place. This bracket can also be used to attach the fit-PC2 to any other surface e.g. wall, desk, shelves.