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APU 1 board

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  • In order to comply with Australian emissions regulations you will need to enclose this board in a metal case
  • This board must only be operated with the supplied heat sink correctly installed

With a dual-core 1GHz processor and 4GB of RAM, plus a ton of features packed into the tiniest of spaces, the APU really is the most impressive embedded fanless server ever.

With heaps of storage options (including support for a hard drive), 3 Gigabit ethernet ports, and built-in 3G/4G support, the sky really is the limit.

Here’s what you can do with an APU 1 server:

  • Manage all of your server tasks with ease – including firewalling, VPN routing, internet gateway or application serving – thanks to a powerful 1.0GHz dual-core AMD processor and up to 4GB of RAM
  • Significantly reduce electricity consumption with an energy-efficient server that uses less than 12W per board
  • Install your server in harsh environments, thanks to its robust design that ensures it can cope with industrial and remote locations
  • Have the freedom to design your server your way, with the capacity to run many different flavours of Linux, and your choice of rackmount or standalone enclosures
  • Connect your server to the world easily with three Gigabit ethernet ports per board, plus a serial port, 2 USB ports and a SIM card slot

The APU 1 is ideal for you if:

  • You need a server with the performance to handle more than just basic network tasks
  • Your application really needs access to at least 2GB of RAM and preferably 4GB
  • You need something that takes up as little space as possible
  • You really need Gigabit ethernet
  • You only need up to three ethernet ports, and don’t want or need any more
  • You want redundancy in your internet connections
  • You want to store logs, use caching or other write-intensive applications, so you need a hard drive or solid state drive
  • You want to build an off-the-shelf network appliance for your clients

Get all the features you need in one single, small embedded computer with the awesomely feature-rich and fanless APU 1.


AMD G-T40E 64-bit dual core 1.0GHz CPU, 4GB DDR3-1066 64-bit RAM (soldered on-board)


CoreBoot open source system BIOS with support for iPXE and USB booting


Linux, BSD, pfSense, m0n0wall, Voyage


3 Gigabit ethernet channels (Realtek RTL8111E)


1 DB9 serial port (console), 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 2 x USB 2.0 headers on board


2 miniPCI express (one with SIM socket for 3G modem)


Internal SD card, mSATA SSD, SATA HDD or SSD, external USB storage device


Three front panel LEDs; one push-button switch, can be controlled through CPU GPIO pins; GPIO header; real-time clock (RTC) battery; buzzer; LPC bus; I2C bus; COM2 (3.3V RXD/TXD)


12V DC external power supply (2.5mm internal, center positive)

Power consumption

6 – 12W (depends on CPU load, excludes miniPCIe cards and peripherals)

Thermal features

Conductive cooling from the CPU and south bridge to case using an aluminium heat spreader


153W x 160L x 21H (mm)






PC Engines


C-tick labelled for use in Australia; RoHS compliant (lead-free);

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