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How to backup a fit-PC2 using only a USB stick (and some creative partitioning)

This tutorial shows you how to back up your fit-PC2 workstation (or any USB-bootable computer) so you can quickly and easily restore your computer to its original state in the event of a hard drive failure, or infection by a trojan or virus.

It involves creating a new Linux partition on your existing hard drive, and works for both Windows and Linux workstations. All you need is a USB thumb drive and some free software.


Backing up workstations quickly and easily

Here at Yawarra, we have a pretty normal set up – workstations on each person’s desk and file servers with our important business data.

But a workstation still requires many hours and resources to build, and each workstation quickly morphs into a unique set of programs, configurations and preferences.

So we devised a quick and easy to way to backup each workstation using only a USB thumb drive and some creative partitioning.


Creating a Linux-based internet workstation

Once upon a time when my little boy was only 2 years old, I noticed he liked to imitate what I was doing on my computer. So I gave him one.

I chose the ALIX 1 because it uses very little power, can run from a CF card and has a ready-made desktop environment available in iMedia Linux.

With very little effort, I built a fully-featured internet-capable box that was much less likely to get him into trouble online than one with Windows.