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Create a professional finish

Create a business-grade solution that your clients will love, with these accessories for your tiny server or desktop computer.

Cases and enclosures

Use our sturdy, compact, professionally-finished cases to:

  • Save space on your desk, server rack or cabinet with a firewall, router or access point that takes up as little space as possible
  • Create a business-grade solution in these stylish and durable cases with a high-quality finish
  • Get easy access to the Compact Flash card, a full-height PCI card or second serial port with specially designed cases
  • Keep your servers cool and quiet with a completely fanless enclosure that has excellent heat dissipation
  • Securely mount your server in a car, boat, truck or bus and on walls, in ceilings and under floors with a vehicle mount case
  • Install your server in any outdoor or industrial location, with a weatherproof, rust-proof, dust-resistant and water-resistant case
  • Slot your board straight in, with a case that’s designed specifically for your board, with no modifications required

They’re small, they’re sturdy and they’re stylish.

CM9 miniPCI wireless card

Wireless cards

You can create a wireless access point or wireless network by adding a wireless card to one of our servers.

Compare the features of our different wireless cards, to help you decide which one is right for you.

Compact Flash card 16GB SanDisk Ultra

Compact Flash cards

Most of our servers are designed to use Compact Flash cards as their main storage device.

Learn what Compact Flash cards are and how to choose a good one.

And find out how to install an operating system and which software to use.


CF & miniPCI adapters

CF to IDE adapter 2.5"Use a CF adapter to connect a Compact Flash card to an IDE interface in any regular PC.

This is handy when you don’t have space for a regular hard drive, or want to use storage that is more stable and resilient than a regular hard drive.

Or use a miniPCI to PCI adapter to mount a miniPCI card in a standard PCI slot.

This gives you the freedom to use any miniPCI card in a regular PC, including wireless cards and VoIP cards.

Other accessories

You’ll also find a heap of other handy accessories for your computer in our shop, like:

  • 4-port ethernet adapter cards
  • VoIP expansion cards
  • Pigtails
  • Antennas
  • Power supplies
  • Security enclosures
  • Heatsinks
  • Hard drive mounting brackets
  • VESA mounting brackets
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Board mounting kits for our rackmount cases
  • Cables of all shapes and sizes

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