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Create a rich interactive experience

Get a surprising amount of functionality with the ALIX 1 server, with the freedom to add features, store important data and output video and audio.

Here’s what you can do with an ALIX 1:

  • Handle all of your network tasks comfortably, thanks to a sturdy 500MHz AMD processor and 256MB of RAM
  • Save space on your desk or in your server cabinet with a tiny server that takes up as little space as possible
  • Save space in your server rack with a rackmount server that’s only 1RU high and a tiny 250mm deep
  • Significantly reduce electricity consumption with an energy-efficient server that uses less than 5W at full tilt
  • Keep your server room or cabinet cool and quiet with a completely fanless server that also has excellent heat dissipation
  • Spend less time on maintenance, with a high-quality and ultra-reliable server that is built to last
  • Keep using your server, year after year, without needing to replace or upgrade it
  • Have the freedom to design your server your way, with the capacity to run many different flavours of Linux, and your choice of slimline, “XL” or rackmount cases
  • Create a compact, cost-effective thin client, kiosk or industrial appliance with VGA display, audio input and output, plus and keyboard and mouse support
  • Store all of your important data in real-time, with support for a 2.5″ IDE HDD or SSD
  • Get access to heaps of ethernet ports in a cost-effective way by adding a 4-port PCI network card, or add your preferred PCI expansion card
  • Connect your server to the world easily with one 10/100 ethernet port, two serial ports, two USB ports and one miniPCI slot and one PCI slot
  • Quickly plug in all of your connections with the ready-made punchouts for ethernet, serial, USB, SMA and power
  • Install your server in harsh environments, thanks to its rugged design that ensures it can cope with industrial and remote locations
  • Quickly and easily mount your server on the back of a monitor or on a DIN rail with the built-in VESA and DIN-rail mounting holes
  • Create a highly-polished, professional solution in a stylish slimline or rackmount case
  • Feel confident that your server is built to last in a case that’s light yet strong, and also dust and splash resistant

The ALIX 1 is a cost-effective, fully-featured server.

What’s under the hood?

The ALIX 1 has the following features:ALIX 1 inside view (wireless)

  • a tiny size of just 182mm x 178mm x 35mm (in the slimline case)
  • power consumption of just 5W (not including expansion cards)
  • able to run Windows XP, Linux, m0n0wall, pfSense® software and many other open-source software packages
  • a 500MHz AMD Geode processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • VGA port
  • Audio out and microphone ports
  • Keyboard and mouse ports
  • One PCI slot
  • One miniPCI slot
  • One 10/100 ethernet port
  • Two serial ports
  • Two USB 2.0 ports, plus two USB headers
  • 2.5″ IDE connector for a 2.5″ IDE HDD or SSD
  • Compact Flash slot

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