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Ok, so you know what you want to build and you’ve chosen your hardware.

So now what?

Well, obviously you need some software to run on it.

And you need to know how to get it all working.

Well, you’ll find all that and more on the following pages.

Useful software

Find software to build firewalls, routers, wireless networks, VoIP servers, media centres, network storage and anything else you can dream up.

You can also download drivers, plus tools for writing to your CF card or accessing the serial console on your new box.

Books and tutorials

Not sure where to begin?

Try this collection of books on the pfSense® system, networking, security and building appliances with tiny computers.

Or follow along as your favourite operating system is installed, and discover the tricks and pitfalls of getting your box configured and ready to roll.

Something more?

Pease feel free to let us know about any other useful resources you come across, or that you’d like to see on these pages.