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Vehicle-mount ALIX 2 / ALIX 6

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  • To have an operating system installed, you will need to include an appropriately sized Compact Flash card in your order
  • miniPCI wireless cards do not include a pigtail or antenna
  • The ALIX 6 only has one miniPCI slot - the other is miniPCI Express - and we do not currently offer any miniPCI Express cards

Compact and durable, the vehicle-mount ALIX uses very little power, has no moving parts and is ultra-reliable, making it ideal for use in vehicles and rugged environments.

The surface-mount wings allow you to securely mount the case in cars, boats, trucks, buses and on walls, while the integrated cable tray ensures that your connections won’t come loose in high-vibration environments.

The extruded design of the case body is designed specifically for the ALIX 2 and ALIX 6 boards, and allows you to slide the board in and out with ease, providing ready access to the Compact Flash card.

The ALIX 2-2 version comes with 2 mini-PCI slots and 2 ethernet ports, giving you the flexibility to have multiple wireless connections, and is also suited to simplified networks that have just one internal and one external network port.

The ALIX 6 version adds even more functionality in the form of one miniPCI express slot (instead of one of the miniPCI slots), which is ideal for adding a 3G wireless modem, such as the Sierra Wireless MC series, and two integrated SIM slots, allowing you to have multiple or redundant 3G providers.

The vehicle-mount ALIX includes a board and case, ready for you to add your choice of Compact Flash card, operating system, expansion cards, pigtails, antennas, and power supply.


500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 CPU, 256 MB RAM


Compact Flash card or Microdrive


7-18V DC external power supply; option for passive Power over Ethernet (not 802.3af compliant). Uses about 3 to 5W at 12V DC (excluding miniPCI cards)


2 ethernet channels (10/100 VIA VT6105M, supports 802.1 VLAN tagging), 1 serial (RS232) port (console), 2 USB 2.0 ports; ALIX 2-2: 2 miniPCI slots (cards not included); ALIX 6: 1 miniPCI slot / 1 miniPCI Express slot (cards not included), dual SIM card slots


Three front panel LEDs, one push-button switch, can be controlled through CPU GPIO pins; 44pin IDE interface (requires soldering)


270W x 160D x 40H (mm)



Case style

Surface-mount wings, integrated cable tray and keyhole mounts; powdercoated textured black


PC Engines (board) / Yawarra (case)


ALIX.2C-2 / ALIX.6F-2


C-tick labelled for use in Australia; RoHS compliant (lead-free);

Note: This product includes software developed by the pfSense® Project for use in the pfSense® software distribution. (

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