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  • Dual rackmount ALIX 2-3 IEC power

    Dual rack mount ALIX 2-3

    $670 - $1,200

    For SME server applications, the silent, ultra-reliable and inexpensive ALIX 2-3 boards are an excellent solution. The dual board configuration with internal IEC power supplies is perfect for building ultra-reliable redundant systems in a server rack environment.

  • ALIX 2-3 red front view

    ALIX 2-3 (3 ethernet / 1 miniPCI)

    $375 - $695

    With 1 mini-PCI slot and 3 ethernet ports, the ALIX 2-3 gives you the flexibility to add wireless if you want it, while also allowing you to have multiple internal networks, multiple internet providers or a DMZ.

  • ALIX 2-3 board top view

    ALIX 2-3 board (3E/1M, 500MHz / 256MB)

    From: $280.00

    With three ethernet ports and one miniPCI slot, the ALIX 2-3 board is perfect for specialist projects requiring a small, low power usage, reliable single board computer (SBC). Along with a 500MHz processor and 256MB of RAM, this board includes two USB 2.0 ports.

  • ALIX 2 / ALIX 6 "bookshelf" case - rainbow stack

    APU / ALIX 2 “bookshelf” case

    $70 - $95

    With an extruded body, this case allows you to just slide the boards in and out with ease, and looks very professional. It includes punchouts for ethernet, serial and USB ports, plus SMA (with blanking plug) and power. The ALIX 2 case is completely fanless and takes up minimal desk space.