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See how you can save thousands by replacing your regular desktop computers with energy-efficient desktop PCs.

See how a typical PC measures up against a tiny desktop PC Regular PC
Regular desktop PC
fit-PC2 mini PC
Power consumption In use: 79W
Idle: 71W
Standby: 3W
In use: 10W
Idle: 8W
Standby: 1.5W
Direct and indirect electricity usage (per year) 356 KWh 50 KWh
Running costs for 1 year (green power) $91.70
(per year)
(per year)
Useful life of hardware 2.5 years 5 years
Replacement cost $898 $995
Purchase and running costs over 5 years $2254 $1058
Cost of ownership for every 100 computers $225,400 $105,800
The result Savings = $119,600
and 207 tonnes of CO2-e
Equivalent to taking 48 cars off the road
Or planting 771 trees

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  1. All prices are exclusive of GST.
  2. Figures are approximations, based on a typical scenario. Your savings will depend on your specific situation.
    • Regular PC energy usage based on Dell Inspiron 546 (2.8GHz, 8GB RAM, Windows Vista) (
    • Electricity costs based on 20c peak and 12c off-peak, plus 6c for 100% green power (
    • Regular PC replacement cost based on basic office system plus Windows 7 licence (
    • Conversions between kWh and tonnes of CO2-e from “National Greenhouse Accounts (NGA) Factors”, June 2009, Australian Government, Department of Climate Change, Table 39 (Full fuel cycle, Victoria, Latest estimate) , p 60
  3. The following additional assumptions have been made in the calculations:
    • Energy usage includes keyboard and mouse, but not monitor. fit-PC2 also includes wireless card.
    • Building requires air-conditioning (indirect electricity usage), with a Coefficient of Performance of 2.5, to remove excess heat.
    • Replacement costs include operating system licence (Windows 7), but no extended warranties.
  4. Calculations do not take into account the following additional cost-savings and benefits of the fit-PC2:
    • Reduced maintenance costs from increased reliability
    • Reduced downtime from increased reliability
    • Reduced workplace noise and decreased employee stress due to quiet, fanless operation
    • Reduction in circulating dust due to fanless operation
    • Lower embodied energy due to significantly smaller size
    • Reduced recycling costs due to less materials embodied
    • Reduced air-conditioning infrastructure and maintenance requirements
    • Reduced desktop space requirements and less cabling
  5. These additional benefits of the fitPC2 are also important:
    • Improved sales, reputation and staff morale through demonstrated commitment to sustainability
    • fit-PC2 will operate in higher temperature environments (up to 70°C without a HDD or with an SSD, up to 45°C with a HDD) than a regular PC (up to 45°C)