Spend less time fixing

Solve every problem once
with computers that won't let you down

Fanless, rugged, powerful tiny servers

ALIX 2-3 server stackDual-board rackmount server
  • Build servers that just keep going, and going, and going, for years on end
  • Capture data or video in hard-to-access locations or harsh environments
  • Create high-performance network devices, with no vendor lock-in or ongoing fees
  • Build high-availability redundant servers, even if you're short on space
  • Drastically reduce electricity consumption with energy-efficient servers that use as little as 5W
  • Play with some really tiny (but unbelievably powerful) hardware

Low power, silent, fanless tiny PCs

Tiny fit-PC2 in handsfit-PC3 Pro
  • Find new ways to significantly reduce your organisation's electricity bill
  • Show your customers your commitment to "going green"
  • Recover valuable space on your desk and in your server room
  • Create peace and quiet in your workplace with completely silent and fanless desktop PCs
  • Stop throwing away computers that break down after just a couple of years
  • Save space, energy and hassles without sacrificing performance

What others are doing with our tiny computers

Connecting a Mazda RX-8 to the internet

Jon Oxer's Mazda RX8 Geek My Ride

Jon Oxer from Geek My Ride connected his Mazda RX8 to the internet using an ALIX 1, extending the electronics in his car beyond that intended by the manufacturer.

He mounted an ALIX 1 in the boot and connected it to multiple systems, including the on-board diagnostics, ignition, audio and RFID locking, and added mobile broadband, wireless and GPS.


Tiny computer with LEGO minifigure